Kamera Dasbor Khusus untuk Mercedes Benz G500-BN-H6703 dari Cina

Pro dan kontra dari kamera dasbor pemantauan parkir

Banuo dash cams are created in order to make our lives easier and better and of course, to help us with our everyday lives. Since dash cams can record even when you are away so if you spot a not-so-experienced driver and you saw that what he had done, you can easily find and track the person.

Pro dan kontra dari kamera dasbor pemantauan parkir

Nowadays, there are more and more functions of dashboard cameras. Most of Banuo dashboard cameras have parking monitoring functions, which can better protect the interests of car owners and realize 24-hour monitoring of vehicles. Our dashboard cameras are equipped with G-force sensors to detect the situation around the vehicle, even when there is no one in the vehicle, once a collision is detected, automatic recording is turned on. In summary, the parking monitoring function has the following advantages and disadvantages:


The parking monitoring of the dash camera can monitor the vehicle 24 hours a day while the car is parked to prevent scratches and theft. Even if it has been scratched or stolen, video evidence can be provided. Banuo dashboard cameras can generally be connected to a mobile phone to realize remote control and real-time monitoring of the car. Once a problem occurs, the owner will be reminded as soon as possible.


Due to parking monitors 24-hour power consumption, it needs to be connected to the car’s constant power, which will consume battery power to a certain extent. If the car is parked for a long time, the power of the battery will be gradually exhausted resulting in the failure of starting the car.

Of course, car owners don’t have to veto the necessity of parking monitoring function because of the power loss caused by it. Scientific use of the parking monitoring function will not exhaust the power supply of the car. If the owner does not drive for more than 5 days, the power cord of the dash camera needs to be unplugged. At the same time, the dash camera with screen consumes more power. If you pay more attention to the parking monitoring function, you can choose the dash camera without screen.