Why Us

BANUO is newly engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing of health care products especially in disposable face masks, KN95 masks, covid 19 rapid test kits and other personal protective equipment. We adopt strictly quality control system during material purchasing, products manufacturing, finished products testing etc to make sure all our products really helpful for fighting virus and bacteria, all of our personal protective equipment were in accordance with international standards and have passed CE certificate, at the same time, we are applying for other certificates too.

We also accept OEM and ODM personal protective equipment orders to help your brand growth, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have such needs.

What Customers Say

The covid 19 rapid at home test kits we bought from you has been sold out, really thank you very much for forwarding some small retailer from our country to us, this really helpful for clearance of other Covid-19 products we bought from other supplier. .

RICHARDManaging Director

We have been established business relationship since April, 2020; and we have bought containers of disposable face mask both in 50pcs/box and 10pcs/bag package and shipped to Canada, for US market, we have signed agreement with Banuo, they help to deliver these disposable face masks to our clients directly. We mainly focus on school and bus companies, we and Banuo have been serving our customers very well, we shall have more business oppurtunities besides medical products after COVID-19. .

John SmithPresident

The Yikang type I disposable face masks you supplied price is exactly the same as we got from Yikang, but your lead time is more faster. What i like you most is you can help us arrange shipping, while Yikang don’t provide this kind of service based on our order quantity. .

CHRISTIAN UGERAssistant Manager

We are a small trader, every time when my customers need disposable face masks or KN95 face masks, i will come to Shenzhen Banuo Co.,ltd . Their price is even 20% lower than the original factory offered to us. They will adjust their price before we place order, so we dont need to playing price games. Their after sales service is excellent too !


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