Omistettu kojelautakamera Tesla MODEL-S BN-L6135 tukkukauppaan

Kojelautakameran kuvamateriaalin katseleminen älypuhelimella tai tabletilla

One of the important functions of a dash cam is to be able to view driving footage. Most of Banuo dash cams have built-in IPS high-definition display, which can be convenient for drivers to watch the footage directly on the mobile phone or dash camera. The cameras have passed CE, FCC, EMARK, SAE and certification. Welcome to contact us for details by [email protected]

Kojelautakameran kuvamateriaalin katseleminen älypuhelimella tai tabletilla

If you want to view dashcam footage on a smartphone or tablet, there are several options. These options include using the built-in display in your dashcam and using the app on the dashcam.

1.Watching dash cam footage on a smartphone or tablet

To view dashcam footage on a smartphone or tablet, follow these steps: First, make sure that the dashcam has a microSD card. Then, insert the card into a microSD card reader. Once the card is recognized by your computer, run the application. Then, you can configure the settings. Once finished, save your settings. If you have a Wi-Fi-equipped smartphone or tablet, you can watch the videos directly through Wi-Fi.

2.Using a dash cam’s built-in display

If you want to view the footage taken by your dash cam on your PC, you can connect it to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, your dash cam will appear as an extra hard drive, and you can navigate to the folder to view the video. Alternatively, you can use a card reader to access the video footage. Most computers come with a built-in card reader, but if not, you can purchase an external one.

Some dash cams have a small display on the device, and so you can view the footage directly. Others use a memory card or internal storage. If you have a dash cam with a display that’s too small, you’ll have to download a compatible app to view the footage.

3.Using a dash cam’s app

If you have a dash cam, you can use its app to view footage on your smartphone. This will allow you to view live video as well as footage that was recorded in the past. You can also access footage that has been stored in a cloud storage account. This app is compatible with the majority of dash cams.

Most dash cams work by recording on a loop, and when recording space is full, they automatically record over the oldest data. However, some models use a micro-SD memory card. For these devices, you will need a special SD adapter to read the micro-SD card.