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For most drivers, dashcam is worth buying and must be installed. Because it can  improve driving safety and driving experience. The following four points fully explain why dash cameras are worth buying.

1. 1080P front and rear view

Dash cams provide many benefits for drivers. They record two-way video that lets the driver see what’s happening on the road, as well as any mistakes that may have been made. The footage can be a great way to catch mistakes and make necessary corrections, and it can also prevent a driver from using their cell phone while driving.

2.Beneficial for car insurance companies

Many insurers offer discounts for drivers who install dash cams. Moreover, dashboard cameras can provide valuable evidence against fraudulent drivers and prove their innocence. This is an important benefit for car owners, as it helps them reduce their insurance premiums. In addition, some insurers will even accept dash cam footage as evidence when they file a claim for a driver’s negligence.

3.Help prevent car accidents

Dash cams are also helpful for catching reckless drivers. The videos taken by dash cams are very useful for training new drivers. This way, they can help prevent car accidents. It’s also useful for recording car wrecks, as the videos will provide visual proof of the accident. This evidence may help avoid the driver’s liability in an accident.

4.Save your cost

A high-quality dash cam will cost between $300 and $500. Good models will include a trusted brand name, reliable components, and a warranty. A dashcam will save you money in the long run by reducing the risk of fraud. It provides video evidence that can prove the other party’s guilt or innocence in an accident. You may have to pay a little more upfront, but the savings in the long run can make your dashcam worth the money.

The Banuo brand of dash cams are known for the reliability, performance, and long lifespan. Although these dash cams are not quite cheap, they do provide exceptional value. The cameras are equipped with high-quality components and use capacitors instead of batteries, making them dependable and long-lasting. They also feature features such as GPS and impact and motion detectors. If you need to buy in bulk, Banuo can offer a discount price.

Dashboard camera is the product of the progress of the times. The initial purpose of the dash cam is to record the action of vehicles. Nowadays, the dashboard camera has a new mission, people use it to record the beautiful scenery in the journey. Banuo provides dashcam, motorcycle dashcam and professional OEM/ODM services to retailers and wholesalers worldwide. Consult us for more information by [email protected] .