Non-sterilized earloop disposable medical mask CE and ASTM Level 1 test report 50 pcs/box from China manufacturer, both sterilized and non-sterilized disposable medical masks are made in a 100,000-level dust-free workshop. Other indicators such as filtration efficiency or airflow resistance are the same. The difference is that the final product is sterilized or not. At present, the sterilization of disposable medical masks is mainly sterilized with ethylene oxide. Because ethylene oxide is flammable, explosive and carcinogenic, it must have a resolution period of 7-14 days after EO sterilization until the residual amount of ethylene oxide was reduced to 10ug/g. Non-sterile disposable medical masks can normally meet the microbial limit index after they are made in the above-mentioned 100,000-level dust-free workshop, that is to say, non-sterile disposable medical masks are also strictly manufactured in accordance with the medical device management method, it is safe enough to meet the protection needs of the daily life and work.

Type: EN14683:2019+AC:2019 standard, TUV CE test report, ASTM Level 1 test report, 50 pcs in a color box
Size:  17.5*9.5 cm
Mater: Non woven cloth + Meltblown filter cloth +Non woven cloth
1st layer: leak proof non-woven fabric
2nd layer: high density meltblown filter cloth
3rd layer: direct skin contact non-woven layer
Certificate: CE certified by SGS, TUV; ASTM Level 1 certified by TUV
MOQ: 50000 PCS
Package: 50 PCS/Box, 2000 PCS/CTN
Gross weight: 11.8kg
CTN Size: 422*400*610mm