KN95 face mask with respirator valve in black, white, pink, blue, grey color,  designed and manufactured according to CE EN149-2001+A1 2009 standard, and our masks comes with CE certificate and Russia EAC approval as well as FDA registration. The advantage of our KN95 respirator valve mask is to ensure smooth breathing. When you inhale, the valve is closed, which can effectively block the entry of external viruses. When you exhale, the valve is opened, which helps the air in the mask to be expelled quickly. However, we sincerely suggest only human in good health wear this kind of respirator KN95 mask, people who caught a cold or fever shouldn’t wear it.

Product name: JIUYEFANG KN95 with Valve Mask
Material : Nonwoven Cotton
Original: China
Color: White
Standards/Approvals : KN95
Feature : Skin-friendly,Comfortable, High breathability, latex free
Standard: EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard, FDA registered
Feature : Disposable, Soft, Convenient, Antibacterial
Package : 62cm*46.5cm*66cm