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In Which Country Is Installing a Dashboard Camera Illegal

If you are wondering if installing a dash cam on your dashboard or windshield is illegal, you have come to the right place. The legality of dash cams is something that is a hot topic for car owners. While they are popular in many countries, there are still a few countries that don’t permit their use.

In Which Country Is Installing a Dashboard Camera Illegal?

In Europe, some countries allow the use of Dashboard Cameras. Others are completely forbidden. Generally speaking, most countries still allow the use of Dashboard Cameras.

In the United States, some states are allowed to use the Dashboard Camera, and some states are forbidden to use it. At present, there are more and more drivers using Dashboard Cameras in United States.

  1. European Countries where Dashboard Cameras are allowed:

Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, etc.

  1. Countries where Dashboard Cameras aresemi-forbidden:

Germany Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland.

In some countries that allow the use of Dashboard Cameras, there are also some restrictions. For example, in Germany, although the Dashboard Camera is allowed, the image data cannot be made public and used as evidence.

Switzerland is a country that is very sensitive to the protection of personal information. The Swiss government stipulates that Dashboard Cameras cannot be used in public places. Luxembourg stipulates that although an individual can own a Dashboard Camera, if someone else’s privacy is found, they will be arrested.

  1. Countries where Dashboard Cameras aretotally forbidden:


Although Dashboard Cameras are not allowed in a few countries, the use of dash cams in most countries is completely legal and has played a good role in driving assistance. Dash cameras have huge market and development space in the future. If you are looking for a reliable dashboard cam manufacturer, please feel free to contact [email protected] for more details.