How to choose VOLVO Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles?

The Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles was the configuration of VOLVO high -end models at the beginning, and now it has also been put into middle models as wel.  There are more people asking this thing. Is it necessary to install it? What brand of use, let’s talk briefly below.
Generally speaking, if you want to change the crystal gear, you will definitely replace the IDrive knob and the start button at the same time. Even you just change the single white light is very beautiful.
Is it  necessary to install the VOLVO Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles? What brand is good?
Of course, different people have different choose. Here we have the advantages and disadvantages. Maybe you can make the decision:

1.Good -looking, Improve the grade of the car.


1. Expert, for the separate crystal stall, the price of the original Volvo was more than 780USD . Although it uses Swarovski Crystal, but that is not the reason people would pay for it.
2. Fragmented, what are the key points on the car, or accidentally hit the crystal when you accidentally get rid of your mobile phone, it is easy to break.
3. If  install the sub -factory crystal stall , there may with not good using experience.

Therefore, this depends on what is your mainly purpose for this Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles, if you not just want your car looking good but also enjoy driving purely , then we would recommend the original one . But there also many options, you can consider the vice factories, which is also good-looking but with good quality. The price is only around 200 USD.

The most used at present are the original factory, but also with other brand like BANUO and VSTAR. The original factory quality has nothing to say. Except for expensive, everything is good. BNUO and VSTAR are more recommended deputy brands for everyone. There is no difference between the appearance and the original factory, and it will be some detail, that’s all. Therefore, it is not bad to choose BANUO for pretending to be forced.

The Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles has basically become the standard equipment of every private car now. Most car owners plan to install a Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles. Banuo has rich experience in the vehicle electronics industry, specializing in the production of high-quality customized dash cameras, Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles and so on. If you have any need, please contact us: [email protected].

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