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How Long Does a Dash Cam Record For?

Banuo dash cams can be used to document events as they happen. In many countries, they are perfectly legal and can even be used as proof of guilt or innocence in a criminal case. They also record in a loop of the same scene and will automatically overwrite old footage when the memory card is full. If you are looking for a dash camera which has loop recording function and with large-capacity memory card, please contact us by [email protected] .

How Long Does a Dash Cam Record For?

Most of the dash cameras produced by Banuo use loop recording, and the video will be stored in a memory card with a certain duration as a segment. When the memory card space is full, the new recorded video will overwrite the old video clips (except the locked video).

The advantage of the loop recording function is that there will be no situation where the recording cannot be continued due to insufficient capacity on the memory card. However, the video files recorded by the dash camera are stored in the memory card, so the memory space of the dash camera determines the duration, quantity and quality of the recorded videos.

Generally speaking, the larger the memory, the longer the storage time. If you want to save the video for more than one month, you can buy a memory card with a larger capacity, or set the video to a lower pixel to reduce the storage space of each video, but this will reduce the resolution of the video. In addition, important video files can also be locked and saved, so that they will not be overwritten and deleted.

The recording time of the dash camera also depends on the capacity of the memory card and the clarity of the picture. Taking 1080P video as an example, a card with 16G memory can usually record 100 minutes, a card with 32G memory can record 200 minutes, and a card with 64G memory can record 400 minutes. It is recommended to buy genuine big-name memory cards, which are of better quality and more secure.

Banuo dash cameras generally adopt H.264 or H.265 video encoding format, with 64G/256G large-capacity memory card, video file storage can be effectively guaranteed.