1080P Universal Dashboard Camera BN-H6200 with screen

How Do You Know If a Dashboard Camera is Recording?

The dashboard camera can be used to maintain traffic and social safety, can be used for DV shooting for life pleasure, and can also be used for news recording. Banuo has several years of R&D and production experience in the field of dashboard cameras, and the powerful loop recording function can help drivers record everything. If you need bulk purchase, you can contact us for details: [email protected] .

How Do You Know If a Dashboard Camera is Recording?

If you’ve ever wondered if your dashboard camera is recording, there’s a simple way to test it. Check the power cord that runs down to the 12-volt socket in your car. If it’s in the start or run position, the camera will be ready to start recording.

Dash cams record on a “loop”

The “loop” recording function on Banuo dash cams allows them to record continuously even if the SD card is full or low. This allows you to easily download the files without having to worry about the file size. This mode is useful for maximizing the limited storage capacity of an SD card.

Recording time on Banuo dash cams varies, but all of them record for at least one  minute. Most models allow you to extend the time to three minutes. The longer recording time is useful for file management. In the case of 1080p HD dash cams, for example, they can record for up to four hours before looping. The recording time will also depend on the resolution of the dash cam. There are two main reasons for the recording loop: first, it makes long videos into shorter clips, making them easier to transfer and edit.

The benefit of loop recording

The benefit of Loop recording dash cams are their storage space. If you’re driving for a long time, the SD card can easily fill up. Loop recording saves your footage and keeps it available for future viewing. The downside to loop recording is that some of the videos are deleted. If you want to save a certain video, such as an accident video, you’ll need to remove the older files.