How to choose VOLVO Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles?

The Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles was the configuration of VOLVO high -end models at the beginning, and now it has also been put into middle models as wel.  There are more people asking this thing. Is it necessary to install it? What brand of use, let’s talk briefly below.
Generally speaking, if you want to change the crystal gear, you will definitely replace the IDrive knob and the start button at the same time. Even you just change the single white light is very beautiful.
Is it  necessary to install the VOLVO Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles? What brand is good?
Of course, different people have different choose. Here we have the advantages and disadvantages. Maybe you can make the decision:

1.Good -looking, Improve the grade of the car.


1. Expert, for the separate crystal stall, the price of the original Volvo was more than 780USD . Although it uses Swarovski Crystal, but that is not the reason people would pay for it.
2. Fragmented, what are the key points on the car, or accidentally hit the crystal when you accidentally get rid of your mobile phone, it is easy to break.
3. If  install the sub -factory crystal stall , there may with not good using experience.

Therefore, this depends on what is your mainly purpose for this Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles, if you not just want your car looking good but also enjoy driving purely , then we would recommend the original one . But there also many options, you can consider the vice factories, which is also good-looking but with good quality. The price is only around 200 USD.

The most used at present are the original factory, but also with other brand like BANUO and VSTAR. The original factory quality has nothing to say. Except for expensive, everything is good. BNUO and VSTAR are more recommended deputy brands for everyone. There is no difference between the appearance and the original factory, and it will be some detail, that’s all. Therefore, it is not bad to choose BANUO for pretending to be forced.

The Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles has basically become the standard equipment of every private car now. Most car owners plan to install a Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles. Banuo has rich experience in the vehicle electronics industry, specializing in the production of high-quality customized dash cameras, Crystal Gear Shift Knob Handles and so on. If you have any need, please contact us: [email protected].

What Should You Look For When Buying a Dash Camera

What Should You Look For When Buying a Dash Camera?

There are several factors to consider when buying a dash camera. Some of these factors include resolution, GPS capabilities, and TF card. These are all essential considerations when deciding which camera is right for your needs. Keeping these factors in mind, you should be able to make an informed decision.

1.High resolution

If you’re buying a dash cam for your vehicle, it’s important to choose one that offers high resolution. For instance, you want to be able to read license plates without losing detail. For this, you’ll want to choose a Banuo camera that has a resolution of 2560×1440-pixels or higher. Even better, you’ll want to choose a high-resolution camera that features enhanced night vision.


When buying a dash cam, it’s important to consider the features and functionality it offers. Banuo high end models usually include extras such as built-in GPS and extra recording modes. Some are compatible with larger SD card storage capacities and automatic Wi-Fi video upload. Some also have infrared night vision.

A dash camera with GPS functionality can help you monitor speed and location. This can be useful in the event of an accident, or to resolve other issues. If you own a fleet of company vehicles, a GPS-enabled dash cam can be a great tool for monitoring employee driving habits.

3.TF card

When buying a dash cam, it’s also important to know how much memory the camera has. Most dash cams record in 30 frames per second and encode the videos using H.264 or H.265. The higher the resolution, the more memory you need to make sure the videos are high-quality. Also, make sure you use a memory card that is able to hold all of the footage.

4.Internet connectivity

When buying a dash camera, consider how it will connect to the Internet. Many new dash cams developed by Banuo have Wi-Fi hotspots built in, and many also support 4G connectivity. If you’re looking for a dash cam that can stream video directly to your smartphone, consider one that has an Internet connection built in.

The dash camera has basically become the standard equipment of every private car now. Most car owners plan to install a dash cam. Banuo has rich experience in the vehicle electronics industry, specializing in the production of high-quality customized dash cameras, universal dash cameras and motorcycle dash cameras and so on. If you have any need, please contact us: [email protected].

Why Original Car Factory Do Not Install Dashboard Cameras

After installing a dash cam, it can record the video image and sound of the whole process of the car, which can provide evidence for determining the responsibility of the traffic accident. But many original car factories don’t install dash cams, so you need to buy them extra. Welcome to contact Banuo for detailed information by [email protected] .

Why Original Car Factory Do Not Install Dashboard Cameras

Unlike aftermarket dashboard cameras, original car factories do not install dashboard cameras in their vehicles. This is because the camera would have to be attached to the dashboard. To install a dashboard camera, the upper center portion of the windshield should be 5 square inches. Its location should be positioned to catch anything that might be a potential issue.

The reason for this is mainly due to the cost of such a system. Everyone knows that the price of dash cams is not very high, ranging from tens to hundreds dollars. However, if the number is large, the production cost will undoubtedly be higher for the manufacturer, so many manufacturers will not install an additional  dash cam  in order to reduce their own production costs.

If you’re in the market for a dash cam, Banuo offers many solutions for this, including factory-like integration and wireless installation. We even have dash cams for a variety of car models, so you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out how to install them yourself.

If you want to monitor the activities in your car while driving, you should consider buying a high quality Banuo dashboard camera that records in HD. The camera comes with a 64GB TF card(Optional) and a multi-language instruction manual. A USB reader is also included, along with a hard plastic interior removal tool.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dash Cam

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dash Cam

Dash cams can be set to record event detection, such as collisions, and can automatically save footage in the event of a serious accident. There are many benefits of a dash cam, and we mainly summarize four points below.

1.They record everything on the road

Dash cams are small, portable digital cameras that mount to your dashboard or windshield. Unlike smartphones, dash cams automatically start and shut off, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to start them. Furthermore, if you’re driving for a long time, a GoPro will overheat and lose its video.

2.They record vandalism

If you own a car and park it on the street, dash cameras can help you keep it safe. Installing one can help you catch vandals in the act, and it also allows you to monitor your children while driving. If there is an accident, you will be able to use the footage to prove who is responsible.

3.They record car break-ins

Dash cameras can help protect your car from break-ins. Many models have built-in cellular connections and allow you to record the break-ins and send the video to the cloud. Some also allow you to live stream the view from your car.

Dash cams work by recording when motion is detected, so they record when the vehicle is in motion. The footage can be used to read license plate numbers and catch the culprits.

4.They record evidence of hit-and-run accidents

Dash cameras can be invaluable evidence during a hit-and-run accident. They can record information about the vehicle involved and the details of the accident, such as the speed and direction of travel. The footage can also help the police determine if the other car was at fault.

Dash cams are a great way to protect your vehicle in the event of an accident. They record everything on the road, including speed, location, and GPS. If you’re considering purchasing a dash camera, feel free to contact us any time by [email protected] . Located in Guangdong, China, Banuo specializes in the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales services of GPS, dash cameras and car cameras. It is a modern high-tech enterprise with more than 7 years of industry experience.

Dedicated Dashboard Camera for Volvo V60 S60-BN-H1618 from China

How Does a 4G Dashboard Camera Work

If you are hesitant to buy a 4G dash cam, then this article can help you. 4G Dashboard Camera is a development trend. One of its feature is the parking monitoring function. In the parking mode, the vehicle status can be viewed in real time, and at the same time, it can be combined with APP push to realize the prompt when the vehicle changes.

How Does a 4G Dashboard Camera Work

How does a 4G dashboard camera work? Bluetooth on a 4G dashboard camera connects to the camera via a mobile data connection. A 4G connection offers higher data speeds and broader coverage. It also enables you to react quickly to an incident, such as a car break-in or theft.

4G Dashboard Cameras stream video to your smartphone via cellular data. In addition to providing live footage, most of these devices also support cloud uploads of critical clips. This makes it possible to watch recorded videos from your mobile phone from anywhere. In addition to the camera’s video quality, these devices provide real-time location and car location information.

These dashcams can record full HD video of accidents. Users can view the videos on their phones, and can even upload 20 seconds of video footage. The camera can be turned off remotely and has a parking mode. The system also features remote firmware and data updates. This helps ensure optimal operation.

Dashcams that record GPS coordinates can help police and insurance companies with evidence. For example, most of Banuo’s dash cams have built-in GPS tracking systems that sync with the footage to provide location. It also has customization speed, time and GPS coordinate markers. If you plan to purchase high-quality 4G recorders in bulk, Banuo will be a good choice, please feel free to contact [email protected] .

Dedicated Dashboard Camera for Volkwagen Jetta Bora Candy Golf Sagitar Polo VA3 VS5 VS7-BN-H1288 from China

In Which Country Is Installing a Dashboard Camera Illegal

If you are wondering if installing a dash cam on your dashboard or windshield is illegal, you have come to the right place. The legality of dash cams is something that is a hot topic for car owners. While they are popular in many countries, there are still a few countries that don’t permit their use.

In Which Country Is Installing a Dashboard Camera Illegal?

In Europe, some countries allow the use of Dashboard Cameras. Others are completely forbidden. Generally speaking, most countries still allow the use of Dashboard Cameras.

In the United States, some states are allowed to use the Dashboard Camera, and some states are forbidden to use it. At present, there are more and more drivers using Dashboard Cameras in United States.

  1. European Countries where Dashboard Cameras are allowed:

Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, etc.

  1. Countries where Dashboard Cameras aresemi-forbidden:

Germany Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland.

In some countries that allow the use of Dashboard Cameras, there are also some restrictions. For example, in Germany, although the Dashboard Camera is allowed, the image data cannot be made public and used as evidence.

Switzerland is a country that is very sensitive to the protection of personal information. The Swiss government stipulates that Dashboard Cameras cannot be used in public places. Luxembourg stipulates that although an individual can own a Dashboard Camera, if someone else’s privacy is found, they will be arrested.

  1. Countries where Dashboard Cameras aretotally forbidden:


Although Dashboard Cameras are not allowed in a few countries, the use of dash cams in most countries is completely legal and has played a good role in driving assistance. Dash cameras have huge market and development space in the future. If you are looking for a reliable dashboard cam manufacturer, please feel free to contact [email protected] for more details.

Dedicated Dashboard Camera for Toyoto IZOA EV CHR-BN-H-3318 from China

Is the Dashboard Camera Worth It?

For most drivers, dashcam is worth buying and must be installed. Because it can  improve driving safety and driving experience. The following four points fully explain why dash cameras are worth buying.

1. 1080P front and rear view

Dash cams provide many benefits for drivers. They record two-way video that lets the driver see what’s happening on the road, as well as any mistakes that may have been made. The footage can be a great way to catch mistakes and make necessary corrections, and it can also prevent a driver from using their cell phone while driving.

2.Beneficial for car insurance companies

Many insurers offer discounts for drivers who install dash cams. Moreover, dashboard cameras can provide valuable evidence against fraudulent drivers and prove their innocence. This is an important benefit for car owners, as it helps them reduce their insurance premiums. In addition, some insurers will even accept dash cam footage as evidence when they file a claim for a driver’s negligence.

3.Help prevent car accidents

Dash cams are also helpful for catching reckless drivers. The videos taken by dash cams are very useful for training new drivers. This way, they can help prevent car accidents. It’s also useful for recording car wrecks, as the videos will provide visual proof of the accident. This evidence may help avoid the driver’s liability in an accident.

4.Save your cost

A high-quality dash cam will cost between $300 and $500. Good models will include a trusted brand name, reliable components, and a warranty. A dashcam will save you money in the long run by reducing the risk of fraud. It provides video evidence that can prove the other party’s guilt or innocence in an accident. You may have to pay a little more upfront, but the savings in the long run can make your dashcam worth the money.

The Banuo brand of dash cams are known for the reliability, performance, and long lifespan. Although these dash cams are not quite cheap, they do provide exceptional value. The cameras are equipped with high-quality components and use capacitors instead of batteries, making them dependable and long-lasting. They also feature features such as GPS and impact and motion detectors. If you need to buy in bulk, Banuo can offer a discount price.

Dashboard camera is the product of the progress of the times. The initial purpose of the dash cam is to record the action of vehicles. Nowadays, the dashboard camera has a new mission, people use it to record the beautiful scenery in the journey. Banuo provides dashcam, motorcycle dashcam and professional OEM/ODM services to retailers and wholesalers worldwide. Consult us for more information by [email protected] .

Dedicated Dashboard Camera for Tesla MODEL-S BN-L6135 for wholesale

How to View Dashboard Camera Footage on a Smartphone Or Tablet

One of the important functions of a dash cam is to be able to view driving footage. Most of Banuo dash cams have built-in IPS high-definition display, which can be convenient for drivers to watch the footage directly on the mobile phone or dash camera. The cameras have passed CE, FCC, EMARK, SAE and certification. Welcome to contact us for details by [email protected]

How to View Dashboard Camera Footage on a Smartphone Or Tablet

If you want to view dashcam footage on a smartphone or tablet, there are several options. These options include using the built-in display in your dashcam and using the app on the dashcam.

1.Watching dash cam footage on a smartphone or tablet

To view dashcam footage on a smartphone or tablet, follow these steps: First, make sure that the dashcam has a microSD card. Then, insert the card into a microSD card reader. Once the card is recognized by your computer, run the application. Then, you can configure the settings. Once finished, save your settings. If you have a Wi-Fi-equipped smartphone or tablet, you can watch the videos directly through Wi-Fi.

2.Using a dash cam’s built-in display

If you want to view the footage taken by your dash cam on your PC, you can connect it to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, your dash cam will appear as an extra hard drive, and you can navigate to the folder to view the video. Alternatively, you can use a card reader to access the video footage. Most computers come with a built-in card reader, but if not, you can purchase an external one.

Some dash cams have a small display on the device, and so you can view the footage directly. Others use a memory card or internal storage. If you have a dash cam with a display that’s too small, you’ll have to download a compatible app to view the footage.

3.Using a dash cam’s app

If you have a dash cam, you can use its app to view footage on your smartphone. This will allow you to view live video as well as footage that was recorded in the past. You can also access footage that has been stored in a cloud storage account. This app is compatible with the majority of dash cams.

Most dash cams work by recording on a loop, and when recording space is full, they automatically record over the oldest data. However, some models use a micro-SD memory card. For these devices, you will need a special SD adapter to read the micro-SD card.


Dedicated Dashboard Camera for Mercedes Benz GLS400 GLS450 GLS500-BN-H7907 from China

How Long Does a Dash Cam Record For?

Banuo dash cams can be used to document events as they happen. In many countries, they are perfectly legal and can even be used as proof of guilt or innocence in a criminal case. They also record in a loop of the same scene and will automatically overwrite old footage when the memory card is full. If you are looking for a dash camera which has loop recording function and with large-capacity memory card, please contact us by [email protected] .

How Long Does a Dash Cam Record For?

Most of the dash cameras produced by Banuo use loop recording, and the video will be stored in a memory card with a certain duration as a segment. When the memory card space is full, the new recorded video will overwrite the old video clips (except the locked video).

The advantage of the loop recording function is that there will be no situation where the recording cannot be continued due to insufficient capacity on the memory card. However, the video files recorded by the dash camera are stored in the memory card, so the memory space of the dash camera determines the duration, quantity and quality of the recorded videos.

Generally speaking, the larger the memory, the longer the storage time. If you want to save the video for more than one month, you can buy a memory card with a larger capacity, or set the video to a lower pixel to reduce the storage space of each video, but this will reduce the resolution of the video. In addition, important video files can also be locked and saved, so that they will not be overwritten and deleted.

The recording time of the dash camera also depends on the capacity of the memory card and the clarity of the picture. Taking 1080P video as an example, a card with 16G memory can usually record 100 minutes, a card with 32G memory can record 200 minutes, and a card with 64G memory can record 400 minutes. It is recommended to buy genuine big-name memory cards, which are of better quality and more secure.

Banuo dash cameras generally adopt H.264 or H.265 video encoding format, with 64G/256G large-capacity memory card, video file storage can be effectively guaranteed.

Dedicated Dashboard Camera for Mercedes Benz GLC260 GLC300 Sport-BN-H1138 for wholesale

How Much Does a Dash Camera Cost?

The price of a dash cam generally reflects the quality of the product. If a dash cam is with good video effect, wide angle, night vision function and gravity sensing function, the price is probably expensive. Banuo has been engaged in R&D, production and sales of dash cams for many years, and the products are sold all over the world. Banuo provides different prices and types of dash cams, if you have bulk purchase or retail needs, please feel free to contact us by [email protected] .

How Much Does a Dash Camera Cost?

The price of a dash camera depends on the quality and features that you want. Generally, the more expensive dash cams offer higher quality and more features. An inexpensive off-brand dash cam can cost under $100. Additional features, such as GPS actuation, cloud storage, and mobile app actuation, will raise the price. A mid-range dash cam should cost about $100~$300, while higher-end dash cams can cost upwards of $300~$500.

Banuo brand dash cameras cover a wide range of cars, and most of its products focus on high-end series, so the price may be relatively expensive. Compared with cheaper dash camera brands on the market, Banuo dash cameras mainly have the following notable features:

1.High resolution

While most dash cameras record in Full HD 1080p, the actual resolution varies. The resolution of a dash camera is important because it affects the quality of the video. The higher the resolution, the clearer the video. This is especially important if the recording is done in low light, or if you need to see minute details. While 1080P is an excellent standard for a rear camera, there are also dash cams that record in 2k or 4k resolution.

2.Record audio

Banuo dash cameras record audio as well as video, and most have built-in speakers or microphones to capture what’s going on inside the vehicle while driving. This audio can be used as evidence in the event of an accident.

3.Can be used to record parking security mode

Banuo dash cameras can be used to record parking activity by detecting the effects of impact or motion. The parking security mode is especially useful because it can record video footage even if the car is not in use. The video footage can be used as proof in case of an accident or vandalism.