Can disposable masks be reused? how to reuse disposable mask ?

Let’s start with the conclusion: reuse of disposable masks is not recommended in principle. However, the coronavirus disease has not yet been resolved, and there is a shortage of masks, which can still be reused in different occasions.

Protective principle of disposable masks: disposable masks are mostly made of polypropylene meltblown non-woven material. This material is an ultra-fine electrostatic fiber. The biggest feature is its electrostatic adsorption capacity. Disposable masks use the principle of electrostatic adsorption to adhere viruses and droplets to the masks, preventing them from entering the respiratory tract.

Therefore, in principle, disposable masks are recommended to be replaced after 4 hours. If you use them in places with a lot of viruses such as hospital, it is definitely not recommended to reuse them, and if necessary, you must replace them strictly every 4 hours. . Otherwise, there may already be a lot of viruses on the outer layer of the mask.

However, if it is an ordinary person, they don’t touch people with disposable masks, and they don’t have enough stocks of masks, and there is no way to buy disposable masks.  After scientifically disinfecting disposable masks, they can still be reused.

Scientific disinfection of disposable masks need to grasp two principles: one is high temperature and the other is anhydrous. Because static electricity is most afraid of water, fumigation with water vapor at high temperature is completely wrong. Once in contact with water, this mask has almost no protective effect. Disposable mask scientific disinfection method is dry heat disinfection method ( actually you can dry the maks with hair dryer in middle temperature for 10-20 seconds ) , the simplest way is to throw it in the tableware disinfection cabinet at home for UV disinfection.

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