Dedicated Dashboard Camera for Volvo V60 S60-BN-H1618 from China

How Does a 4G Dashboard Camera Work

If you are hesitant to buy a 4G dash cam, then this article can help you. 4G Dashboard Camera is a development trend. One of its feature is the parking monitoring function. In the parking mode, the vehicle status can be viewed in real time, and at the same time, it can be combined with APP push to realize the prompt when the vehicle changes.

How Does a 4G Dashboard Camera Work

How does a 4G dashboard camera work? Bluetooth on a 4G dashboard camera connects to the camera via a mobile data connection. A 4G connection offers higher data speeds and broader coverage. It also enables you to react quickly to an incident, such as a car break-in or theft.

4G Dashboard Cameras stream video to your smartphone via cellular data. In addition to providing live footage, most of these devices also support cloud uploads of critical clips. This makes it possible to watch recorded videos from your mobile phone from anywhere. In addition to the camera’s video quality, these devices provide real-time location and car location information.

These dashcams can record full HD video of accidents. Users can view the videos on their phones, and can even upload 20 seconds of video footage. The camera can be turned off remotely and has a parking mode. The system also features remote firmware and data updates. This helps ensure optimal operation.

Dashcams that record GPS coordinates can help police and insurance companies with evidence. For example, most of Banuo’s dash cams have built-in GPS tracking systems that sync with the footage to provide location. It also has customization speed, time and GPS coordinate markers. If you plan to purchase high-quality 4G recorders in bulk, Banuo will be a good choice, please feel free to contact [email protected] .